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Published on August 17, 2015 by Akshay Sura

Source code for this demo is available. Click Here to download.

You can also checkout the source code at GitHub

Market Place:

For help with Cron Expressions you can use

You can get more information about the Cron triggers and examples from Quartz.NET Scheduler website at:



  • Ivan 2 years ago

    Nice module!
    Is it possible to schedule tasks without creating associated Sitecore items?
    What if I need thousands of jobs to be created? If all of them need to be Sitecore items, can I use buckets for that?
    Can a job be automatically removed after it gets executed? Similar to what Sitecore tasks can do.

  • akshaysuraadmin 2 years ago

    Thanks Ivan.

    You do not need to pass in any items to run the job. Remember you write the code for the work to be done, so its upto you as to what you do with the parameters passed in.

    The version I am currently on will take care of all the other requirements you speak of.

  • Gopi Krishna 1 year ago

    HI Akshay, I am a dotnet developer,I would like to lean Sitecore and do certification.Could you provide your suggestion and guide me how to go ahead.

    Gopi Krishna

  • akshaysuraadmin 1 year ago

    You could look at some of the Unofficial Sitecore training videos as well as other resources on youtube.

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