TIHIDI: Sitecore Scheduling with SiteCron 2.1.8 in powerful ways!

I have been using SiteCron for a while now and I get a steady stream of questions about the module. I thought its time I documented how I use SiteCron. I do have some custom implementations of the IJob interface but I use PowerShell based jobs predominantly. First go through some of my previous posts […]

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Sitecore Precision Scheduling with SiteCron 2.1.8 released in powerful ways!

SiteCron 2.1.8 has been released and I cannot believe there are 3,682 downloads. SiteCron NuGet Link: SiteCron GitHub Link: SiteCron Marketplace Link:   What’s New? I use SiteCron every day and based on my project needs, I evolve it. Please remember to Merge – Append when installing the package if you are upgrading. Modify Icon […]

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Execute Sitecore Powershell from Sitecron Schedule Job

Yes you heard it right.  I was planning on writing a couple of sample jobs to do indexing etc but then I realized why not make it a lot more powerful.  So I decided to add support to run Powershell scripts. As I mentioned earlier you can implement the IJob interface and implement what ever […]

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Parameters in a Sitecron Job – Sitecore Scheduler Module updated! version 1.1.6

So it’s been a while since I have been using this module in production for a while and very happy with it.  I made a few changes to help improve the usability.  In this iteration I added the option to pass in parameters into the job when it runs.  I have a nice surprise feature […]

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Smart and Incremental publish using SiteCron for Sitecore

In this blog post we will be looking into building two SiteCron jobs, one for Smart publish and one for Incremental publish. Add a reference to Quartz.dll in your project Implement a new class called SmartSitePublishJob which implements Quartz.IJob, sample code is shown below:

Implement a new class called IncrementalSitePublishJob which implements Quartz.IJob, sample […]

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SiteCron Sitecore module for your everyday scheduling needs

SiteCron is a scheduling module based on Quartz.NET Job Scheduler. SiteCron can be used to create simple or complex schedules to execute jobs. This functionality is implemented using Quartz’s CronTrigger. “Quartz.NET is a pure .NET library written in C# and is a port of very popular open source Java job scheduling framework, Quartz.” Cron has […]

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