Sitecore – Display number of items in a folder

Problem: When working with folders, I often find it frustrating that I can’t see the number of items in that folder.  If there are a few, you can count, but if there are many it becomes a problem.  If there is a parent folder, it is as simple as looking into the parent folder to see the number of sub-items in the folder you are interested in.  That might not always be the case.

To resolve this, I thought it would be nice to show the count when you are viewing a folder.  Here is what I did with the help of Mr. Matt Hovany:

1. Open Folder.xaml.xml file in WebsitesitecoreshellApplicationsContent ManagerEditorsFolder folder.

2. Add a Literal right above the GridPanel as shown below:

3. Create a new class similar to the one below:

4. Modify the Folder.xaml.xml to reflect the new class on the inherits attribute:

5. Here is the end result:

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